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The founders of Zumruduanka are two sisters with a passion for luxury fashion, Nimet and Kiymet Ulubay. They recently launched their luxury lingerie, designed and manufactured from the finest materials in Istanbul, Turkey.

Represented by the symbol of the mythological fire bird, the phoenix, from which the brand name is derived, Zumruduanka is about women radiating confidence through the process of self-actualization.

Zumruduanka blog

According to the legend, Zumruduanka, the goddess of all the birds, was at the mountain behind seven valleys, and lived on the branches of the tree of wisdom. When the birds wanted to reach Zumruduanka, they would pass through the seven valleys.  Some were intrigued by the roses in the valleys, some were by fame, some by money, some by beauty, and some with joy. Yet those who passed those stages, reached the mountain, where there was a mirror that reflected themselves. Then they came to realise that when you pass these stages you finally find that you are your own goddess and when you achieve self-consciousness you also achieve self-confidence.

“Immortality and the divine essence of enlightenment, when she burnt and was reborn from her own ashes, she found her own sun, she become one. She has never been brighter, never been stronger.”

Zumruduanka’s smooth collections become your second breathtaking skin, emphasizing the purity of your own beauty. The talented sisters from Turkey now share their inspirational lingerie designs with an international audience. Why not indulge in the Satin Allure collection of chemisesrobes, cami sets and pyjamas available here at Heaven Lingerie.