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Marjolaine Nina Slotted Silk Violet Nightie



Every wardrobe must have at least one elegant and captivating piece like this Marjolaine Nina Slotted Violet Nightie. Made in France with the finest silk and exceptional quality.

Its neckline and its base are embellished by meticulously hand-encrusted lace patterns, playing on contrasts and transparencies for a deliciously sensual effect.

Satin 92% Silk 8% Spandex
Lace n°1 100% Nylon
Lace n°2 35% Cotton 33% Nylon 32% Viscose

Hand wash in cold water

Adjustable strap length
Lace-encrusted scoop neckline
Lace-encrusted slit base
Side seam length 63cm (for a size FR38)

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