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Marjolaine is a family business that expanded over a period of 70 years, from humble post Second World War roots, to modern day international wholesale, whilst never losing the French family finesse.

Carole, the Marjolaine stylist and designer, is the third generation of the Marjolaine family business. Her great grandfather was selling woollens and tapestries during the inter-war period in Villeurbanne, Lyon suburbs. Post war sales slumped and so he decided to make camisoles and slips, under garments for the discerning post war woman. Sales across the region grew and in 1947 the lingerie brand Marjolaine was born!

Today, Marjolaine has 31 employees and is sold in 55 countries worldwide. Heaven Lingerie is the sole representative for Marjolaine within Thailand. Carole’s creativity and ideas are almost limitless and she will never let budget stand in the way of quality. One key quality in the production is the use of the finest French Leavers lace from Calais. French Leavers lace is undoubtedly the most beautiful lace produced in the world and every piece is cut and laid by hand in France. At the turn of the century silk replaced polyester satin, combining with the Leavers lace to produce a feel and look like no other.

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  • Marjolaine Oriental Bloom Silk Pyjamas

  • Combining sexy black lace with the fiery tones of amber, this beautiful Marjolaine long silk nightdress is set to be a crowd-pleaser in the bedroom.

    Marjolaine Amber Long Silk Nightdress

  • Your décolleté will be highlighted by a charming laced opening at the front and an equally seductive silk lace reveal at the back

    Marjolaine Apricot Pearl Silk Bodysuit

  • Every wardrobe must have at least one elegant and refined piece like this Marjolaine Apricot Pearl nightie; made from a soft and delicate apricot silk and white Calais lace

    Marjolaine Apricot Pearl Silk Nightie

  • The sexy corset-like lacing, and long luxurious lines of the full-length silk nightdress will make you feel like a movie star.

    Marjolaine Black Orchid Long Silk Nightdress

  • This stunning French Marjolaine Pewter silk nightdress really is one of a kind. The exclusive pattern inlaid on the pewter silk creates a shimmer exposing every beautiful contour of the female body.

    Marjolaine Brussels Pewter Silk Nightdress

  • This irresistible Marjolaine Capucine silk nightdress is adorned on its neckline with a delicate white Calais lace enveloping your breasts

    Marjolaine Capucine Silk Nightdress

  • Marjolaine Crystal silk mini-nightie is the perfect piece to wear. Sex appeal with exceptional quality makes this a must have item.

    Marjolaine Crystal Silk Mini-Nightie

  • Make sure all eyes are on you in this captivating Marjolaine silk Desire nightdress. Made in France from 100% silk, a must have for any lingerie lover.

    Marjolaine Desire Silk Nightdress (Violet)

  • Marjolaine Fleur fantasy black silk nightie - detailed floral lacing, tied in the back and the guipure which scatters flowers on a delicate silk satin

    Marjolaine Fleur Fantasy Black Silk Nightie

  • Marjolaine Fleur fantasy pink silk nightie - detailed floral lacing, tied in the back and the guipure which scatters flowers on a delicate silk satin

    Marjolaine Fleur Fantasy Pink Silk Nightie

  • Set the mood in this flirtatious Marjolaine floral chiffon silk nightdress. This gorgeous nightdress will cling to your curves in all the right places.

    Marjolaine Floral Chiffon Silk Nightdress