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Fleur of England produces only the most exquisite pieces of women’s lingerie – now available at Heaven Lingerie. A huge amount of resource, time and energy is poured into producing the best-fitted garments that are made from the finest fabrics. Quality silk and lace infuse to create luxury lingerie with a sophisticated yet sexy look and extremely comfortable fit. Quintessentially British in design, and designed by women for women, Fleur of England boasts a wide celebrity following including Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Watson, and Katy Perry, to name a few.

Beautiful embroidered panels in an opulent red silk combine with delicate Italian tulle to give a flattering brief that’s intricately sexy and a little bit cheeky. Sheer, sexy and utterly captivating, this stunning lace and silk babydoll is perfect for creating a seductive hourglass silhouette.

The founder and Creative Director of Fleur of England, Fleur Turner. Fleur is in charge of the overall design process and brand identity. She works meticulously hard to give customers a slice of luxury with her opulent designs.

” I’m passionate about creating lingerie that looks beautiful, and which also fits beautifully too. I still personally design the collections and source the fabrics. I am present at every fit meeting and have final fit approval on all collections. All of the lingerie pieces are hand-designed by myself, from the shape and fit to the bespoke embroidery.

I’ve made it my mission to ensure that every experience my customers have with Fleur of England is exquisite. From fabrics, design and luxury packaging to customer service, I expect nothing but the best.”

Fleur Turner


Throughout the years Fleur of England has evolved into a brand that encompasses the feeling of modern luxury and sensuality. Fleur of England’s signature style is romantic yet incredibly sexy, creating designs that empower the modern woman.

  The striking Cotswold stripe in sage and cream is the epitome of British design and is printed exclusively in England.

Now you can enjoy Fleur of England in Thailand, exclusively available at Heaven Lingerie.